The Indie Film Place Podcast is the complete indie film podcast for indie filmmakers.

IFP Mission

 The Indie Film Place is the indie film podcast created to encourage the independent filmmaker and artist. Foster a sense of true community. Be instrumental in bringing independent film further into the mainstream.

 IFP Purpose

 To be an interactive podcast, hosting an environment of creative discussion where the listener can feel as if they are “hanging out” with friends over coffee, and talking about filmmaking, acting, music, and just being creative.
As filmmakers, the one thing that we love to do second to making films is talking about making films. We talk about the project we just finished because we are proud. We talk about the script we are writing because we create. We talk about the film we are about to begin production on because we love what we do.
We discuss the work of our peers as well as our own, and the work of those who have paved the way before us. Since we are constantly changing, we do this for the purpose of learning and growing as filmmakers and artists.
We are indie filmmakers. We make independent films. What does that mean? It means we don’t ask permission. We don’t ask if it’s okay to create, to pursue our passion.
We don’t rely on anything or anyone other than the resources that we have available to us. Some of us may have more resources, some may have less and that’s okay. We all have imagination and creativity, and each is unique.
When we apply our imagination, conventional restraints such as budget and technical obstacles become less of a barrier because we can visualize beyond our limitations, and turn them into valuable tools. Thus we are NON Dependent.
The Indie Film Place Podcast is created to serve as a gathering place for the indie film community. A place to share, learn, and to grow as filmmakers. To encourage each other, and to celebrate indie film and the independent spirit. This is why it is called “The Indie Film Place“.

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