How to promote your indie film vol 1 IFP 125

Marketing and promotion of our films is as big of a deal, if not bigger than making the film. It is the engine that makes any film go after production is finished. In these installments of “How to promote your indie film” we’ll explore techniques to get your movie in front of your audience.


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As indie filmmakers we tend to ignore, or at least procrastinate or just not focus on one of the most important aspects of the making of our film. Marketing. PR. Public relations. Promotion.
We need to promote our film not only after it’s done and ready for the audience, but while in production. By the time our film is done we should have a PR buzz that has been building throughout the film’s production. This is the one tool that is the most successful for studio films, and should be the one thing that we as indie filmmakers emulate from the studio system.

In this “How to PR your Film” series we discuss techniques, ideas, and real world truths about the importance of getting your film in front of your audience.

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