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Indie filmmaking is the true spirit of independence. The word “Indie” is much more than just a shortened term for independent filmmaking, it is an absolutely unstoppable drive to create. Indie is the innate desire to take control of our vision, and bring it to life.

As independent filmmakers we are entrepreneurs, and just like anyone who starts their own business or practice we oversee and are responsible for every aspect of our filmmaking.

In the past there has been a misconception that indie film is less than professional. This is simply not true. Today’s technology makes it possible for pretty much anyone to create the art that they are passionate about.

The purpose of The Indie Film Place Podcast is to inspie and encourage artists to be free to create. Make films, make music, paint, sculpt, or whatever it is that you are passionate about.

This industry has trained us to believe that we need to ask someone’s permission, or to get the approval from others to create. You DO NOT need anyone else’s permission. The only thing you need is passion.

Just get up and follow your passion.

Indie Film Inspiration for Independent Filmmakers

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