The Indie Film Place is the place to be for filmmakers, actors, and other creatives. IFP shares daily inspirations, interviews with other industry pros, and those who are dedicated to pursuing their creative passion.
Indie film. Filmmaking. It’s what we do. Welcome to The Indie Film Place. This is the Complete indie film Podcast for independent filmmakers. Come on in, relax, and let’s talk about films, filmmaking, acting, and everything having to do with being an Indie Filmmaker.
We all know how crazy and brutal this business is. Anyone who has been in the biz for any amount of time, regardless of success level has felt the disappointment and frustration of getting beat up by the system
This podcast is intended to be a place of sanctuary for those who are just starting out as a filmmaker or actor, as well as anyone who has been in the game for years. It is a place of encouragement, growth, learning, and just hanging out and taking part in what others in the industry have to share.
It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out as an indie filmmaker or if you are an old pro, everyone needs encouragement. We can all learn from each other, and we can all be an instrument of growth for one another as well.
The goal of The Indie Film Place Podcast is to equip the independent filmmaker with not only knowledge of the craft, but to help instill a sense of “unstopability” and confidence in their own identity as an artist.
Now more than ever, the indie filmmaker has the power and ability to make his or her own rules and not have to wait for someone else’s permission to create. It is no longer necessary to jump through anyone else’s hoops to achieve success.
So grab a camera, shoot something, and let’s talk about it!

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